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Growbo is on a mission to help business owners work smarter, not harder.

Generate new & existing business WITHOUT spending money on ads!

Create Your Lead Generating Machine With Hundreds of

4-5 Star Reviews On Google.


Small businesses are facing a tough challenge as they try to establish themselves online in a world where competition is fierce.

There's NO way you can get TO THE TOP of Google with a reputation worse than your competition.


With Growbo...

✅ You'll stand out in a crowded market,

✅ Build trust (social proof) with potential customers, &

✅ Establish your brand as the go-to choice in your industry.

Growbo, Your Google Reputation and SMS all in one marketing tool

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Your business wins when your customers

share their positive experience with you!


Ethically Steal Business From Your Competition

93% of Google users have made a buying decisions based on online Google reviews.


Turn More Leads

Into Customers

Over 60% of consumers are likely to leave a review if the business asks for one.


Create a

Lead Generating Machine

86% of people use Google to find local services they need and reviews are the number one determining factor of who to choose.

Imagine You're Shopping For LED Lights

Option 1

Option 2

Which one would you pick?

I'm confident that you would choose option 2.

There's nothing more comforting knowing that thousands of people LIKE YOU

had a great experience with a company and their product.

It's a powerful form of social proof.

Customers will always choose Option 2 even if they look exactly the same.


Because people are wired to seek out social proof and follow the opinions of others.

Now remember, all this for $26.....

Imagine what goes through their minds when making a decision worth $1,000+.

Social proof becomes even more critical in those situations, making it essential for businesses to leverage it effectively to win over potential customers.

Let's Say Someone Is Looking For

A Roofer Near You

As a consumer looking for quality & trustable work...who would you first call in the list above?

My guess is the one with 400+ 5 Star reviews.

Seriously, why would you call anyone else?

Reviews are the most crucial part of a purchase decision for 93% of Canadian consumers.

Where will you be eating tonight based on this?

The choice is yours.

Our proven system & platform turns your Google Business page into lead generating machines!

  • Text your way to success with our platform... Easy two way texting.

  • Set it and forget it, with our automatic system.

  • Keep negative reviews internally by screening their experience.

  • Stay on top of your reviews and get a bird's eye view anytime.

  • Create a loyalty program, to bring back your existing customers.


How it works?

QR Code

Add a QR Code in your business for customers to easily leave a review.

You can also bring your QR Code on the field!

Send customers with high Reviews to Google and leave bad reviews internally.

One Click Review Requests

Just type in your customer's name and the review is requested within seconds via SMS. This can be done in the field on a mobile phone by employees as well. Making it super simple for anyone to do.

Select and send

Automated review requests

Send Text messages to individuals who interact with your business. Growbo can automate the entire review request process.

You can send out requests in seconds with just one click!

This will also build your CRM system over time.

Stop Negative Reviews From Ever Being Posted

Stop bad reviews from reaching your Google Listing without positive and negative intent filter.

If someone had a bad experience, we redirect them to an internal form instead of pushing them to leave that review on Google or Facebook.

Easily Respond

You can respond to reviews all in one place.

Display Reviews On Your Website Automatically

The best salesman for your company is a huge list of happy customers. We will automatically add all your Google reviews to your website with our own beautiful widget.

Royalty Program (SMS/Text)

Add a QR Code and/or link in your business for customers to join your loyalty program.

Send loyal customers promos and special offers to attract them back to your business. Repeat business is the best type of customers!

What's Included?

Review Management

Build a better reputation all in one place.

Automated Text Messages + Loyalty Program

Reach customers where you know they will see it. Create a loyalty program, to bring back existing customers. Allow automations to inform your customers with promos you are running.


Connect with customers everywhere online. Facebook, Instagram, Google, Webchat, and SMS messages can all be accessed under one roof.


Convert website visitors with a chat bubble.

Social Media (BONUS)

Schedule posts across all your social accounts.

Analytics (BONUS)

Sync all your analytics with Growbo.

Normally valued at $297/month.

All this for $197/month. (SAVE $100)

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Growbo is on a mission to help business owners work smarter, not harder.